Why Refrigerated Transport Is More Customisable Than Other Transportation Services

10 March 2022 | News

Refrigerated transport is the perfect way to transport specific cargoes that have special needs for controlled temperatures. At Minus 1, we place the goods within our extensive fleet featuring a built-in refrigeration system. This way, we can maintain the required cool or freezing temperature even while the goods are transported.

Many products rely on refrigerated transport as a basic necessity rather than a luxury, such as food or medical supplies that can spoil when sat in temperatures even just a few degrees above their ideal state. That’s why refrigerated transport services must cater to the customers’ specific needs.

Here are some ways you can customise your orders with Minus 1.

Control the thermostat depending on your goods

Each refrigerated journey will have different temperature demands depending on the goods in transit. For example, fresh vegetables are not too strict on exact temperatures, only needing to be kept below room temperature to prevent rapid decomposition. On the other hand, delicate packages such as vaccines, gasses, and chemicals require an exact temperature range to remain viable.

Our clients hold the power to request the storage temperature of their goods, ensure it remains in a quality state throughout and upon delivery.

Customisable pick-up dates

Most logistics and delivery services are heavily affected by external factors like traffic and weather. Delays and interruptions can lead to damage of sensitive products, such as perishable goods, meaning solutions need to be offered.

Fortunately, our clients can enjoy reliable, customisable delivery dates with Minus 1. We work with both small and large businesses across Australia, from local to interstate delivery services, as well as a selection of cold storage facilities throughout the nation. Once you lay out all the details about your needs, we can develop the optimal logistical plan that will guarantee delivery or pick-up available from when you have requested.

Specific loading and unloading requirements

Often refrigerated products will prove more delicate than regular packages. That’s why it’s vital to ensure their proper storage and careful handling as they get loaded on or off — no rushed or careless conduct.

When you look for refrigerated transport contractors, it’s best to run a quick check on their training on handling fragile items. At Minus 1, we take the time to understand what it is our clients need transported, and introduce the appropriate handling requirements requested, to avoid any incidents or damage during loading, unloading and the journey itself.

Flexible Refrigerated Transport Services in Australia

When it comes to securing the journey of your delicate goods, Minus 1 offers the following:

  • Guaranteed, high-quality delivery of perishable & temperature-sensitive products
  • On-site mechanic workshop for 24-hour service and support
  • Interstate transport & cold storage services
  • A modern and dynamic fleet of refrigerated vehicles
  • New Thermo King or Carrier fridge units

For over 30 years, we have earned the trust of happy customers in keeping their products cool and fresh. For more, contact us today by calling (03) 9792 9011 and get a quote from Minus 1.