Chocolate Transportation

Transporting chocolate is an art – and we’ve got it down to a science.

There’s a lot involved when it comes to keeping the product at just the right temperature to ensure it won’t melt or lose its form during transit.

With over 30 years of experience, Minus 1 is your trusted team when it comes to refrigerated transport – and we’re bringing you the good stuff. (You can also trust us not to eat any of it, no matter how tempting it is!)

The Key to Chocolate Transport

There are all sorts of challenges when it comes to providing effective chocolate freight services, and maintaining quality assurance for your suppliers is key.

Part of this is monitoring conditions to ensure that they are ideal for transporting your product:

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature to store chocolate at during transit is 10°C to 18°C so it won’t melt or deform. If it becomes too cold and your confectionary has a liquid centre, this can cause the outer shell to crack.
  • Humidity: We ensure relative humidity is kept below 50% to prevent condensation and additional moisture being present.
  • Dampness: Making sure conditions aren’t too damp – as the sugar in the product will absorb this moisture, then leave a dusty blue-grey coating on the surface that resembles mould.
  • Odours: Any odours present can be absorbed into the confectionary, affecting the tasting experience. The more cocoa butter your product contains, the more likely this is the happen. Our team prevents this kind of exposure from occurring.

These factors can all affect the quality of confectionary during transit. Rest assured, our experienced team have a number of systems and protocols in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, and that confectionary arrives to melt in your mouth instead.

Delivering the Goods

Our services don’t just stop at delivering this delicious treat – they also extend to delivering chocolate biscuits and confectionary. We’re also prepared for peak periods, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the Christmas season.

Our cold storage warehouse facilities are ideal for providing a temperature-controlled environment where you can store your product. We also provide an overnight service to meet tight deadlines.

For all your freighting needs, get in touch with us at Minus 1 to arrange delivery today. You can trust us to become your reliable supply-chain partner nationwide. Contact us now to get a quote or give our courier team a call on (03) 9792 9011.