Safety and Technology: How are These Implemented in Shipping Refrigerated Freight?

14 January 2022 | News

Shipping refrigerated goods has been practised for many years now. Given how connected the entire world has become, however, the industry has continued to develop rapid improvements in techniques and technologies to ensure the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive goods from suppliers to consumers.

But that doesn’t mean things couldn’t be better, right? When it comes to cold storage, you can never be too safe, that’s why at Minus 1, we strive to find ways to improve our systems and processes by integrating relevant technologies at every opportunity. Here are a few ways that we use our technology and equipment to maximise safety and keep our client’s minds at ease.

We let you know just how cold it is

We appreciate your concern that the temperatures of your goods are kept well within the bounds of existing guidelines. But you don’t have to take our word for anything – we believe in making the process as transparent for you as possible.

Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles has been installed with both Thermo King and Carrier fridge units. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide you with temperature downloads and history at your request. Should there be a temperature-related quality issue with your goods, this will make it easier for you to eliminate potential sources of error within our service.

We deliver your goods as soon as possible

Our goal is for you to deliver your goods as fresh as we’ve received them. Apart from temperature control, the best way to accomplish this is by getting everything from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. In helping with efficient delivery, we maintain a dynamic fleet that would be able to accommodate any task. To ensure reliability, our vehicles are purchased brand new, which vastly reduces the odds of our drivers encountering problems while on the road.

We track shipping in real-time

Current technologies now provide instant data on where the delivery is as if you’re in the vehicle itself! Using Teletrac Navman’s GPS tracking software, your business can receive real-time updates throughout the entire journey.

And this cloud-based tool does more than simply provide updates; it also tracks our drivers’ work and rest times, so when they’re on the road, you know that they are one hundred percent focused. Improving road safety in shipping freight prevents supply chain issues, just in case something unfortunate happens during transport.

The Three Golden Rules in the Australian Cold Chain Guidelines

Refrigerated transport is part of the Australian cold chain that ensures the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive goods to you and, by extension, your consumers. In honouring our role as trusted transporters, we abide by these essential rules in every situation that calls for it to provide an optimal service.

At Minus 1, our number one priority is the safety of our drivers and the freight that you’ve entrusted with us. We have local teams in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney ready to ship your refrigerated freight locally or interstate. To learn more about our services, contact us directly or call us on (03) 9792 9011.