How Does Cold Storage Work?

10 March 2022 | News

The primary purpose of a cold storage facility is to store short-lived, temperature-sensitive items, such as food and medicines. These items are highly likely to spoil under normal conditions, so they require storage with specific temperatures.

Fresh produce like fruit and vegetables or fish and meat usually demand optimum temperature and a fresh environment, traditionally making them very difficult to hold for longer periods of time, such as during transit or when waiting for sale. This is why almost all cold storage facilities have adjustable, built-in features that allow you to pre-configure the system based on your exact needs.

Uses of Cold Storage Systems for Your Business

Varied storage options

You can convert a cold storage unit from a cold room to a blast freezer.

Cold storage units are usually airtight and have adjustable temperature modes. With these features, we can protect the stored material from possible extreme temperature changes in the environment. It also allows us to regulate the moisture through a dehumidifier.

Customisable cold rooms

You can customise a cold room with specific dimensions, feature specifications, or shapes. It all depends on the correct refrigeration system that best suits your needs. Mobile alternatives are also available to help keep produce and certain materials in optimal condition through transport with the use of refrigerated vehicles.

If you don’t need a freezing temperature for all of your goods, you can also keep cold, dry materials in a cold room.

Extra storage

When your own personal space can’t store any more items, or it has been compromised due to environmental damage, you can also use external cold rooms as extension storage. You can keep almost all food items safe inside, especially with regulated temperature and moisture.

Backup storage during power outages

Power cuts can be inevitable at times, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be helpless when such an event occurs. You can move your cooled and frozen items to cold storage to prevent them from spoilage; the cold room can cater to their optimum temperature requirements. It’s also airtight, so it will help maintain a cool environment longer and keep food items safe.

Save money and reduce ongoing waste

Cold rooms allow both small and large businesses to preserve an array of food items longer without having them end up as waste. It means that you can have little to no spoiled, unused goods that you have to throw away.

Many foodservice providers preserve food after preparing them in frozen form, which can be successfully done with cold rooms. This way, you save money and reduce needless food waste with one wise investment.

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